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Haworth Haworth focuses on knowledge-based concepts and perfect design

We do not believe that office furniture can change a company, but work spaces can!

Changes to the world of work are particularly visible in the office.
Smartphones are replacing land-line phones and web-enabled laptops and tablets are replacing static computers. Former “desk potatoes” can now switch flexibly between their offices and working from home, can work without difficulty while on the go and value informal meetings in the lounge. A lot of companies have noticed these changes and are now setting up multi-functional, flexible and communicative work spaces which no longer have very much in common with traditional offices.

So that we can ideally adapt our products to the requirements of changing working environments, we take a great interest in all topics in the context of current and future developments in day-to-day working environments. This includes new work locations, working within a project team, ergonomics and health, as well as the effects of digitalisation.

This is why Haworth cooperates with internationally-renowned institutes such as the Royal College of Arts (RCA) in London and the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO) in Stuttgart. The scientific findings open up new avenues for dealing with changes to working environments and designing modern working landscapes.

Innovation through cooperation
Haworth also focuses on strong collaborators in specific projects in order to promote the development and implementation of knowledge-based solutions for work spaces. Together with OffX, based on Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, Haworth is now implementing an innovative concept which provides an answer to the radical changes occurring in modern working environments. OffX is based on the fundamental “Use, not possession” idea of co-working, but exhibits remarkable differences in location, equipment, services and target group.

OffX means a central site, ergonomically sophisticated furniture, superb infrastructure and a service for companies to test out other ways of working. if5 has launched the “3rd Places” initiative, acquiring partners to develop solutions for the rapid changes occurring in working environments. The underlying idea is to create alternative working locations away from company headquarters for more fun and productivity in the workplace, benefiting employees, employers and also society.

About Haworth:

Haworth, one of the largest manufacturers of office furniture worldwide, is the global leader in the development and production of knowledge concepts for the working world of tomorrow. The company creates spaces which promote the creativity and productivity of its customers' staff and can be integrated into any organisational structure.
Haworth considers it a duty to comply with the principles of sustainability and handles natural resources responsibly.

The family-owned company, which has its headquarters in Holland, Michigan, USA, employs more than 6500 staff worldwide and has offices and partners in more than 120 countries in Asia, Europe and America. Haworth's current turnover is USD $1.94 billion. The company employs approximately 320 staff in Germany.

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