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Integrata AG Integrata AG is Germany's leading, manufacturer-independent full-service provider of qualification services with over 45 years of experience.
Our portfolio comprises two main pillars: First, public and in-house seminars on more than 1100 topics in the field of information technology as well as personnel and organization development and, second, customized training solutions and managed training services.
These services form the basis for our integrated solutions, which can be standardized, customized, project-specific or service-oriented depending on the customer's requirements. The Integrata approach is based on the training value chain and covers everything from the project strategy, analysis and development through its subsequent organization and implementation to sustainability. It encompasses a wide variety of learning forms such as seminars, workshops, e-training, operational games, on-the-job training, coaching and mentoring. An in-depth knowledge of the relevant industries, the experience gained from numerous international training projects, a network of local and international trainers and certification according to recognized national and international standards testify to our high standard of performance.
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